Desperate Housewives?

Just needs an 11x14 frame
So, my friend Dorothy and I are always planning: grocery lists, meal plans, cleaning schedules, financial goals, birthday party themes...If you can plan it, we're on it!

One of the charts I found at Dorothy's house was her cleaning schedule (I'm sure you've seen versions of them on Pinterest). While some of you are already rolling your eyes at this idea, stop and think about it. If you're like me, you're either CONSTANTLY cleaning or CONSTANTLY overwhelmed with the feeling you've been defeated YET AGAIN by your messy house. So, I decided to follow Dorothy on this one and made myself a chore chart.

I made it to measure an 11x14 frame (that hopefully I can find at Goodwill or something - love a good deal!). I used regular scrapbook materials and made it to match my kitchen where I'll probably hang it. I made Tuesdays and Thursdays my "off" days since I work 9-10 hour days on them.
And, of course, Sunday we rest! Enjoy!


My Addiction...

Addictions are hard. How do I know this? Because I have an addiction (two actually, if you include regular spending at Ross). In all seriousness, I am addicted to food. Some of you are laughing as you read this. Others are nodding your head and saying, “yes, girl, I know what you mean.” For those of you who are on the same page as me you know that the thought of food can consume your mind. Someone mentions the weather: “It’s chilly out” and you’re thinking about a crockpot full of chili with shredded cheese and sour cream and those little Frito scoops and…(see!). Or you go to work and see someone else’s lunch and wonder to yourself if they will really notice if a little bit is missing…addicted.

I started a new diet on February 13th which basically cuts out all carbs, sugars, starches, etc. So basically I eat unlimited protein & veggies and eat a minimal amount of probiotics (yogurt, etc) and low-carb fruit. I know that I have an addiction to food now because I have thought of nothing else!

Yesterday, there were two low points:
The first was when I actually said aloud to myself as I drove home from work, “well, now I can’t have a good day. How am I supposed to be happy now?” (this was after I thought about how I missed my friend “the spaghetti”). Yes, a very low point. I realized that food was my driving force for happiness! What?! And, yet I sing praise songs about how Jesus is all I need. Pathetic, right? Well, this is one area that I’m going to work on. The second low point was when my husband had to chase (yes, chase!) me around the house because I had one of the kids’ Totinos pizza rolls in my mouth and I was threatening to eat it! Thank God my husband is committed to our marriage because surely he should have left me due to this psychotic behavior!

Anyway, I say all of this to tell you all that I believe with all my heart that Satan will use whatever area of life he can (even our love of cream cheese and garlic bread and mexicorn casserole and…(agh! Stop it!)) to take control of us. Anything to get our focus off of our Lord. So, at least I’m not in denial anymore, right?! Today is Day 3 and already I want to reach for the cookies I’ve hidden in the office break room. But, I’m going to “pray myself through it” and suck down a lot of coffee! I’d also like to ask for any of you to help keep me accountable – if you see me with sugary stuff or anything that’s not a vegetable or lean protein just walk right up to me and smack it out of my hand! Yep, you have my permission! Thanks for reading…

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