Happy 30th Birthday, Old Man!

Every day I grow to love my husband more. From the day we met in high school chorus to almost twelve years later, I am still able to add new items to the list of reasons I love him.

So, since tomorrow is Matt's 30th birthday (which is totally weird because I still see him as my 18-year-old boyfriend with hoop earrings and shaggy blonde hair - yep, you heard me - earringS), I decided to list 30 things about Matt that either surprise me daily, make me laugh, or knock me off me feet (in a good way)...

Why Matt is so awesome...
1. He loves the Lord with ALL his heart, all his mind, and all his strength
2. He makes good decisions - I can trust that his solution is always in my best interest
3. He can do the voice of Elmer Fudd from Bugs Bunny
4. He pulled off the "capri pant" in high school
5. For our first Valentine's Day, he bought me a stuffed animal, made a floral bouquet out of tissue paper, and baked a giant heart-shaped cookie cake (and even spritzed the floral bouquet with his cologne)
6. He is good at everything - snow boarding (check), sports (check), fixing stuff (check), driving (check)
7. He has a heart for his children - he was in tears over their framed pictures a few Christmases ago
8. He is humble
9. He always has well-coifed hair - not one strand out of place :)
10. He is great to watch movies with because he HAS to watch it in its entirety and he doesn't allow talking throughout (he's also very good at explaining the plot to me)
11. He is always ready to accept blame and "take the hit" - while this can easily be taken advantage of - he genuinely wants to reconcile a situation rather than be right
12. He is very good at math and drawing, which is good, because I am not
13. Oddly enough (and this is going to embarrass him but I'll add it anyway), Matt's arm pits NEVER smell - deodorant - no deodorant - sweaty - not sweaty - no smell
14. He is a hard worker - he's not done until it's done right
15. He is creative
16. He puts up with me! God love him!
17. His top love language is "Gifts" so he is a very thoughtful gift-giver (and VERY hard to shop for!)
18. He has owned a LONG line of vehicles (1985 Chevy Cavalier, 1986 Chrysler Reliant, 1988 Toyota Pick-up, B-4000 Mazda, 2003 Ford Explorer, 2006 Toyota Tundra)...I have seen 4 of these in person.
19. He is the most handsome man I know and I am more and more attracted to him every day - even while moving into his thirties :)
20. He makes beautiful children
21. He writes music every day - yet I have never seen a SINGLE lyric sheet (silent creative type)
22. He is a protector - he'll look after you even if you don't want him to or even know that he is!
23. He dances fairly well - I'm glad to see the improvement from what I saw at prom in 2000
24. He will sing the entire "Moulin Rouge" medley with me if I ask him to
25. He cracks me up - sometimes I'll agree he's not very funny - but other times - hilarious!
26. He is a true best friend - someone that loves at all times, is there no matter what and doesn't care what you look like without makeup
27. He dreams big and goes for his goal - on the road to becoming a doctor of worship
28. His smile has been nick-named the "joker" - I love his smile
29. He is so talented and I can say that because I'm his wife - his voice floors me - so thankful he's using it for God's glory
30. Chuck Norris believes Matt is cool, so I do too...

Ok, seriously, Matt, you are awesome and I love you and I hope you have a wonderful 30th birthday!


Ode to Walmart by Crystal

Oh Walmart...how I loathe thee 
Oh Sam, what has your store become? 
You have twenty-seven registers
Yet you only open one! 
Your stores, oh so crowded
The aisles, a three-cart pile up
What is that liquid on the floor?
Please, someone, aisle four needs a clean-up!
The kids, how they whine
The babies, how they scream
Every mom that you pass
Looks very, very mean!
Every time I enter I'm welcomed by a greeter
"Welcome to Walmart," she says
But as I leave she changes demeanor
And I'm seen as a theif instead.
The people - they scare me
And parking - not a chance!
There's germs on my buggy
Is that person even wearing pants?!
But oh how you beat any other store's prices
Your stinking yellow smiley signs
You can't do coupon math like other stores
But your savings, no where else, can I find.
So I will visit you every week
Even though you know I won't like it
But sacrifices I must make
To have more dough end up in my pocket...
by Crystal McCall


Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire

Sammy's Latest
Sammy and I have an after-school routine. We come home, get a snack, and do homework. While I was opening his book bag, I noticed there were HUGE slashes taken out of the fabric between the front and middle zipper part (see pic to the right). So, I asked him what happened...And do you know what my sweet, innocent, beautiful baby boy did? He came up with a genius lie. He told me that another boy in his class was being mean to him and cut a huge hole in his book bag (he knew this would break my heart and send me into a fury - of course diverting the attention away from him - but I was on to him). So, I looked at him again and asked, "Sammy, are you telling Mommy the truth?" Of course, the SECOND answer was the truth. He cut his book bag. To him, he was simply making an easier route into his book bag so he wouldn't have to use the zippers if he wanted to get to his folder.

So, two topics were discussed that night: laziness and lying. Not many things will result in a spanking for Sammy. But us McCall's take lying very seriously (because God takes it very seriously according to the Bible - see proverbs 12:22 and others). Sammy got a warning over the cuts in the book bag since this was his first time mutilizing (mutilating?) something he owns. And, this time, for some reason, I didn't feel I should spank him over the lie. I felt like we needed to have a deeper discussion over this.

For those who have heard me pray, you know I usually end my prayer with "forgive us of our sins. amen." After I said a goodnight prayer with Sammy, I asked him if he thought he sinned that day. He glanced to the side, made a teeter motion with his hand, and nonshalantly said, "eh, maybe a little." I asked him to be specific and he agreed that lying was a sin. So, I asked him to confess his sin to God. I really expected a half-hearted prayer or a rebuttal or a plea for me to do it for him. But he immediately closed his eyes, got into "prayer position" like the Precious Moments dolls with their prayer hands held tightly to their chin, and quietly BEGGED the Lord to forgive him. It went something like, "PLEASE, forgive me, Jesus. PLEASE, forgive me, Jesus." I asked him if he meant it with all his heart. He said he did. And we both knew that he was forgiven. He smiled and turned over and went to sleep. (talk about a heart breaker - what a kid)

Listen, moms and dads. I know your precious angels can do no wrong. After all, they are born innocent, right? WRONG! The Bible says that we are sinners from childhood. In Genesis 8: 21 God tells Noah that "the intent of man's heart is evil from his youth." I believe this is true because you don't have to teach a child to lie or be hurtful or disobedient. Look at Adam and Eve's example - they certainly didn't have an example of disobedience to follow - they walked with God! But, we have are born into an evil world and possess evil in our hearts from childhood, which is why it's so important to "train up a child" according to the Bible. Boy, is it hard! Boy, does it expose MY sin daily! But, boy is it rewarding when I see my six-year-old begging for Jesus' forgiveness over lying about cutting his book bag and I have probably broken Jesus' heart in far worse ways and far many more times that day. Wow - the lessons learned each day during "Hugs, Kisses, and Prayers."

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