To Maddie on Your 5th Birthday...

Baby girl...

Oh, how I wish you were still a baby. In only one year you have already become a mini lady. I fall in love with you every morning and miss you after you fall asleep each night. You just have that effect on people. Not much has changed in your habits and patterns over the last year...

You will only wear silky, dressy PJ's to bed. You still do not sleep under covers. You listen to the same Disney princess CD every night, and your bedtime song ritual has not changed a bit. You like to tickle Mommy and wrestle Daddy. Your song choice for Daddy is, of course, "A Whole New World" from Aladdin. And you both sing it so well together. For Mommy, you prefer "Revelation Song" (or what you call the "worship song") and "You Have Called Me Higher." I think you are my biggest fan, Maddie.

You are a healthy eater and (thank the Lord) will eat anything I put in front of you. You absolutely LOVE strawberries (well, any fruit really) and you enjoy eating red apples - completely whole - so that you will look like Snow White while you eat it. :)

You are a hopeless romantic already. I feel sorry for your future husband (even though Daddy says you're not allowed to have a future husband) because he has a LOT to live up to - especially with the Daddy you have. You have a strong connection to your Daddy. You tell us all the time how much you love his "fwuffy hair." You think your daddy is SO handsome and you love playing with him and hugging him.

You also love your Bubba. You and Sammy actually play really well together. You are his Lego sorter and he brings his Lego's to any kitty or pony party you throw in your room.

You have a ginormous heart. It breaks very easily. It is sensitive. It is big. It is passionate. And I love it. You are learning forgiveness each day and it breaks your heart when you realize you have made a mistake or hurt someone's feelings. You are so good at telling us exactly how you feel and we can see it on your face just as easily. I love that about you.

A few months ago, I realized that I missed you so much during my day working that I needed to be with you more. I know this will be hard for us both but already I feel closer to you and I feel like I am where I belong. You are by no means fully dependent on me all of the time, but I can see that your world is right when we are together and I can feel our bond growing stronger day by day. I look forward to learning from you as much as you learn from me. You are my littlest best friend.

I am so happy to be your mommy. I'm glad that it's me you call for when you're hurt or sick. I like that you think I'm awesome and great. I love holding your little hand and looking at your big "princess eyes." Your voice is so sweet and I look forward to hearing you sing the praise songs one day to Jesus like you have already started. You bring joy and happiness to my life and not a day goes by when I don't thank the Lord for you. I would change nothing about you.

I wrote you another letter on the inside page of my Bible. I'm not sure if you're going to get this precious book of mine on your wedding day or much later, but I am making notes for you daily in my margins and am looking forward to being there for you through every moment I am given with you.

You're my baby girl. I love you.


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