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July 26, 2013 marks the 10-year anniversary of marriage for Matt and I. It's hard to believe it's been that long and yet, for others, it probably seems so short. I met Matt in my high school chorus class in 2000 (Matt's graduating year). He was an 18-year-old senior and I was a 16-year-old sophomore. I was more into band than singing (surprise, surprise) but I joined chorus to help accompany the chorus teacher on piano (I mean, I didn't join for that puffy-sleeve green dress!). Matt always sat near the front and was easy to pick out of the crowd because he thought he was hilarious - the class clown. It wasn't until a field trip to our Solo & Ensemble festival that I got the chance to actually sit and talk with Matt. Yep, clown. But a cute clown. Anyway, my "band friends" weren't on this trip (you band nerds out there know we always stick together in clumps) so I sat next to Matt on the bus. He wore a blue shirt and a ridiculous yellow tie with blue flowers on it. We ate chinese for lunch at the Citadel Mall food court and decided to play into the whole fortune cookie deal. Matt sat across from me and watched me open mine. It read "Happy life is just in front of you." So, yeah, fortune cookies kind of became our thing for awhile. So, we did what any 16 and 18 year old would do with that. We used it as an excuse to hold hands and act like we were "going out" (not sure what they call it now). At the end of the day Matt held up two tickets to his church picnic and said I was welcome to come. I replied nicely with "thanks" and took them both. :)

Lucky for Matt, as young as I was he got to go to 3 proms with me - yep, three. I don't count any that he went on before me. He even got to go on one a few years ago at our church (hehe, he hates prom). We walked to class together, ate lunch together, went on chorus field trips together, watched each other walk the stage of high school and continued dating until May 2003 when he proposed to me on the beach of Isle of Palms. Those who know me know that I can't stand to wait for anything so instead of a year's worth of planning, we planned our wedding in two months and at ages 19 and 21 were married July 26, 2003.  

We had a Cinderella wedding. I walked down the aisle to "Someday My Prince Will Come" (Barbara Streisand version). We ate chocolate mice cookies, had a castle ice sculpture, and I wore a ginormous, white sparkly dress. We moved into our first rental (thanks Mom and Dad) and became Mommy and Daddy to our first baby, Sammy, at ages 21 and 23 - while we were both going to CSU full-time. We then eventually bought our first home and had our baby girl, Maddie, at ages 23 and 25. We graduated from CSU in 2009 together, which was pretty cool, and finally felt like grown-ups (probably because of the amount of bills and diapers we had)!
I have shared some of the best moments of life with Matt. And I've also shared some of the hardest. But in each and every moment he has been there for me and he has loved me no matter what. Marriage is hard - really hard. Anyone who says it isn't is lying and deceiving you. The walls in our home have witnessed arguments, family talks, hugs & kisses, wrestle matches, nigh-night songs, laughing kids, yelling matches, giggles, tears, more hugs & kisses, prayers, meals, and moments that I wouldn't trade for anything. Ten years has flown by yet I am left with SO many thoughts and memories that I hope I never lose. I know that a fortune cookie wasn't what brought us together. Looking back over the last 12 years, it so obvious that the Lord chose him for me and me for him. The Lord has been the glue that has held us together in hard times and that has bonded us together in great times. All glory and honor and anything good in and from our marriage be to Him alone.

I really do think you're funny. 
Happy Anniversary!

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