Our First Field Trip - The Library

The books we chose for our Universe study this week.
Today we entered our 3rd week of homeschool and decided to take our first field trip to the Dorchester County Library! I'm embarrassed to say it has been 4 years since I have been to that library. How do I know it's been that long? I know because as I checked with the librarian to see if I already had a library card on file she told me that I did...and that it had a $15 fine on it from 2009! Appalled that she would think I could ever accrue such fines and then leave them unpaid, I questioned what items would have that sort of a fee attached. She read the titles of the DVD's I checked out in 2009: Showboat, Hello, Dolly, and Man of La Mancha. Really? I guess it couldn't been worse. I paid my fine and ended up with a brand new library card and a fresh start at this facility. The kids got cards, too. 

So, next, like any new homeschool teacher, I just HAD to make this trip more complicated than it needed to be. It has to be a field trip. I need an agenda. I need to document. So I had the genius idea of asking the receptionist if we could have a tour. The kids paid no attention to the nice librarian who was explaining their set up and systems. They zeroed in on the two tiny computers in the far corner of the room and it was all over. I have to say that the tour was mainly for me anyway. I learned a lot. Overall, we all enjoyed the library. The check out system is a lot cooler than it used to be and I love that you can check out an unlimited amount of books and movies FOR FREE - other than the whole $15 fine thing. Field trip #1 - Success!

Sammy's Library Choices:
Star Wars Episode I
Star Wars Revenge of the Sith
Goodnight, Me
and a Ninjago DVD

Maddie's Library Choices:
The Princess Encyclopedia
The Broken Cat 
and The Reef DVD

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